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Success Story from Liberia: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s First Female President

BONUS POST: Celebrating Nobel Peace Prize winners. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was born in Monrovia, Liberia in 1938. She attended the College of West Africa at Monrovia, moved to the USA with her husband in 1961, and went on to receive three degrees from US-based institutions: a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the Madison Business College […]

Success Story from Liberia: Phillip Garjay Innis, Advocate for Youths and the Environment

Born in the early 1980s in Bomi County during a period characterized by political turmoil, Phillip Garjay Innis’s childhood was riddled with chaos, disruptions, challenges and uncertainties. Many times, during the heat of the civil crises in Liberia, he faced daily the harrowing fear of losing his life or the lives of relatives and friends […]

Success Story from Liberia: Fombah Kanneh’s Social Entrepreneurship

Fombah Lasana Kanneh was born in August, 1984 in Mecca Town in northwestern Liberia. Fombah’s father died when he was a child and he was raised by his mother in a make-shift home in an impoverished slum in Monrovia. Growing up in a single-parent household while Liberia was experiencing its First Civil War (1989 to 1996) was […]

Success Story from Liberia: Dr. Rajesh Panjabi’s Last Mile Health

Rajesh Ramesh Panjabi narrowly escaped a civil war in his home country of Liberia. As a 10 year old, he stood on an airstrip in the capital city of Monrovia in lines of refugees hoping to leave the country for the USA by cargo plane. He knew that many in the lines, unlike him, would […]