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Success Story from Eritrea: Kassahun Checole Founds Africa World Press and Red Sea Press

By guest blogger Dr. Mussa Idris* Kassahun Checole is the founder and publisher of Africa World Press and the Red Sea Press. Mr. Checole was born in what is today Eritrea. While in secondary school in Keren, Eritrea, he enjoyed organizing a musical group and wrote poetry in his school’s first newsletter. Later, he started […]

Success Story from Tanzania: Reginald Mengi Supports Corporate Responsibility

Reginald Abraham Mengi was born into a family of modest means in northern Tanzania, but with some struggle he was able to obtain a good education in the UK. Upon his return to Tanzania in 1971, he secured a position with the accounting firm of Coopers & Lybrand. He stayed with the firm, which became […]